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The Cocktail Parlor
The Cocktail Parlor

Sunday's finest Cocktails x The Cocktail Parlor

Exclusively gifted from The Gold Fashioned team

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KINHOUSE x The Cocktail Parlor

Exclusively at the salon at 56 Greene St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY


Wild Bower Studio x The Cocktail Parlor

Exclusively in partnership with @wildbowerstudio and @glamshatterskull

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Cirith Ungol



"The 11 Best Gifts for Bartenders in 2021,

According to Bartenders"

Best Stocking Stuffer: The Cocktail Parlor Midnight Stinger Candle

"Veteran bartender Courtney McKamey is the mastermind behind The Cocktail Parlor, a one-stop-shop for sensory cocktail experiences that go beyond the glass. This Brooklyn concept transforms ultra-fragrant cocktail recipes into natural soy-wax candles, like the Midnight Stinger, which layers notes of Elijah Craig bourbon, Fernet-Branca, mint and lemon. Each candle is 12 ounces and burns for up to 52 hours, so it’s definitely worth the investment. Also, if your recipient is located in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens, you can include some of McKamey’s sweet treats (think boozy cupcakes, cookies, cakes, truffles and more), all of which are equal parts beautiful and delectable."

MidnightStinger Candle.JPG

"How I Started a $1,800/Month Booze-Infused

Baking Business"


"Starting a small business was the most difficult adventure of my life. Through the common blood, sweat, and tears trio I’ve been able to build my sales over the past 4 years to about $20,000 annually. This is all while still holding down two other jobs and maintaining an amiable social life. 

It sounds easy enough, but the first three years were the hardest. I had only about $2-5,000 in sales, but I had spent a lot of money on incorporating the brand into an LLC, trademarking the name, general liability insurance, the rent of an industrial kitchen, digital marketing, business cards and all other paper marketing, and of course all of the necessary supplies. But that’s how most brands grow: slowly."


"Gift Ideas for Your Thirsty

Valentine's Day"

"Expect love at first bite with The Cocktail Parlor’s boozy and decadent V-Day treats. The Rob Rose cupcakes are made with Highland Park 12 Year scotch whisky, Amaro Ciociaro, rose water, chocolate and crushed rose petals – a booze-infused way to show that special someone just how much they mean."

"Bake Your Cocktails for a Sweet New Experience"

Cocktail and Cupcake Pairing, Edible Manhattan

"What do cupcakes have to do with booze?


"The Report from This Fall's

Collective Bartender Symposim"

"Dessert was provided by Courtney McKamey, owner of boozy baking popup The Cocktail Parlor, who made Woodford Reserve mini cupcakes."

Cocktails and Boozy Cupcakes, Woodford Reserve, Edible Manhattan

"Boozy Cookies at The Bennett"

"Who says cocktails are just for drinking? Not the Bennett, a new bar..."

Cocktail Cookies, The Wall Street Journal
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