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The Cocktail Parlor
The Cocktail Parlor

From Cocktail,

to Candle

Classic Label:


Midnight Stinger


Poured with:

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon, Fernet Branca

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the subtle sweetness of Elijah Craig meets the herbaceousness of Fernet Branca with a touch of forest pine and citrus covered soil. 

Midnight Stinger Cocktail Candle Card
Midnight Stinger Cocktail.JPG

Black Seasonal Label:


Bobby Burns


Poured with:

Oban 14 Year Scotch Whisky

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the oakiness of Oban 14 meets the rich warming notes of amber with a touch of tonka and musky driftwood. 

Bobby Burns Cocktail Candle Card
Bobby Burns Cocktail.JPG


Each Cocktail Candle comes with a branded matchbook and its own description card. The card lays out the original cocktail recipe alongside the history of the cocktail. There's also a candle care card. When your Cocktail Candle is finished burning, clean the glass of all excess wax, dry, pour, and sip on the cocktail your candle was inspired by!

TCP Candle Matchbooks


                    The Cocktail Parlor


   Black with gold lettering. Original apothecary bottle design.


With every order of a Cocktail Candle,

a branded matchbook is included.



Shot Glass Tealights

Red Hook Tealight.JPG

Just like the large Cocktail Candle,

but 2 ounces

for the small celebrations.


Poured with:

High-End Spirits

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Reed Diffusers


Similar to the Cocktail Candles,

but all liquid for a more intense scent.


Poured with:

High-End Spirits

Sustainable Essential Oils

High Ethanol Base

The Lord of the Rings Inspired Candles

The Shire Candle.JPG

Candles of Hope


The Shire

The Path to Brandywine Bridge

The Inn of the Prancing Pony




Fangorn Forest

Candles of Despair


Erebor, The Lonely Mountain

The Mines of Moria


Cirith Ungol




  New inspired scents will be available once they go through the rigorous testing process.


To check out the scents that are available now, head to our shop!

We'll be posting updates on new scents and other products on Instagram!  

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Looking for a unique branding idea?

Custom Candles are a great gift, however small or large. 

We'll talk with you through the whole affair; 

From label design, scent creation,

votive selection, all the way to the final flame, we've got you.

Custom Candle Orders Require:

- A minimum first order of 25 units

- 4 week lead time

- Creation transparency

  ^ (we want you to be honest with us so that we can create exactly what you envisioned!)

Wholesale Pricing: 

      Pricing varies per project.

      Send us an email describing what you're looking for and we'll get back to you with a quote!


Request a Quote Now

Scent Tests

Everyone's olfactory sense is different, which is why if you're local to NYC, we're more than happy to meet with you for a scent test. 

What's a scent test?

                           A scent test is a meeting we set up where you can smell all of                                                  the candles, or reed diffusers, or room scents you'd like!

Book a Scent Test!



We accept all credit cards.


To order, head to our shop here:


Every order is personalized and hand-poured to order as we want it to be just right for you. 

Please let us know if this is a gift,

and we'll add a custom gift note with your order!


We ship exclusively with USPS. 


Until we have a retail location, we don't have the ability to offer free shipping outside of New York City. 

Because we're shipping delicate items, we take the necessary packaging precautions to make sure the candles arrive to you safely.

USPS pricing depends on your location, but can range between $8-$25 per package. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 
We dream to be easily available nationwide one day. 

Where to Find Us

New York City:

                           - Little West Wine & Spirits

                           - Vinyl Fantasy

                           - Maxwell Gift & Grocery

In the lavatories at some of our favorite bars:

                           - Little Branch (LB)

                           - LB33

                           - Saint Tuesday

                           - Weather Up, Brooklyn

                           - Weather Up, Tribeca

                           - L'Adresse, Bryant Park

                           - L'Adresse, NoMad

                           - Leyenda


                          - Wish Gifts


                         - Etsy

                         - Faire (wholesale)

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