From Cocktail,

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Rob Rose Cocktail Candle

Rob Rose


Poured with:

Lagavulin 16 Year Scotch Whisky

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the smokiness of Lagavulin 16 meets the floral richness of fresh rose petals with a touch of baking spice and salt. 

Midnight Stinger Cocktail Candle

Midnight Stinger


Poured with:

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon, Fernet Branca

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the subtle sweetness of Elijah Craig meets the herbaceousness of Fernet Branca with a touch of forest pine and citrus covered soil. 

El Diablo Cocktail Candle

El Diablo


Poured with:

Espolòn Tequila

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, citrus agave notes from Espolòn meets the spiciness of fresh ginger with a touch of cassis, representative of blackberries in the sun. 

Dominicana Cocktail Candle



Poured with:

Brugal XV Rum 

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the sweet richness of Brugal XV meets the depth of a fresh pot of coffee with a heavy hint of vanilla and a touch of cardamom. 

Bobby Burns Cocktail Candle

Bobby Burns


Poured with:

Oban 14 Year Scotch Whisky

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the oakiness of Oban 14 meets the rich warming notes of amber with a touch of tonka and musky driftwood. 

Aviation Cocktail Candle



Poured with:

Aviation Gin

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the bright juniper notes of Aviation Gin meets a floral touch of fresh lavender with a hint of citrus violet. 

41 Jane Does Cocktail Candle

41 Jane Does


Poured with:

Christian Drouin Calvados

Sustainable Essential Oils

Natural Soy Wax

Think, the rich apple notes of Christian Drouin meets the sweetness of pears soaked in brandy with a touch of baking spice and maple. 


Each Cocktail Candle comes with a branded matchbook and its own description card. The card lays out the original cocktail recipe alongside the history of the cocktail. There's also a candle care card. When your Cocktail Candle is finished burning, clean the glass of all excess wax, dry, pour, and sip on the cocktail your candle was inspired by!



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