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The Cocktail Parlor
Whisk(e)y Class

Wine Class


Wine seems easy enough to understand. It's just grapes, right?


However, there are so many variances within wine. 

Whether you feel insecure about your knowledge, or know the basics and want to explore, we can certainly guide you along the way.


One of the things we love to do is to teach others the history, processes, and flavor profiles of wine using modern inclusive language so that it's easy for everyone to follow-- you certainly don't have to have any sommelier training. We’ll talk with you on how to smell, swirl, and sip a glass of wine, how to determine your personal palate, how to choose the right wine for you from a menu, how to distinguish different wines made from the same grape, and then the best part, enjoy several pours of great wine.

For the love of Wine, the curiosity you have and the knowledge you seek, please join Courtney McKamey, TCP Owner, Manager and Consultant of Little West Wine & Spirits, (and Pinot Noir if she were a grape), for various classes on the subject.

Classes start as Intermediate:

• What is Wine? Gimme the Basics!

• Intro to Organic Wines

• American Pinot Noir vs. International Pinot Noir

• How to Choose the Right Wine for YOU on a Menu

• Summer Series: Rieslings, Oh My!

• The Realm of Fortified Wines (Port, Sherry, Vermouth)

Advanced Classes are also available: 

What's Your Palate? Discovering Within

• Rosé (or Whites) & Cheese Pairing

• Cabernet & Chocolate Pairing

• Rare and Vintage  (Very Limited Availability. Please Inquire for Pricing.)

Included in the Class: 

• Multiple Pours From a Range of High End Wines 

• Full Tasting Analysis

• Historical Background

• Light Snacks

• Surprise Gift at the End

* Selection of Wine(s) is determined by The Cocktail Parlor.

Restrictions apply. 

Availability may vary. 

Price per Guest may be subject to change dependent on the class.



Per Guest

(Dependent on the Class)

Available On Demand


1h 30m

5 Minimum

15 Maximum

New York, NY

21 +

For booking and scheduling, shoot us an email!

Thanks! Message sent.

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