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The Cocktail Parlor
The Cocktail Parlor
Whisk(e)y Class

Whisk(e)y Class

(and other Spirits too!)




Per Guest

(Dependent on the Class)

Available On Demand


1h 30m

5 Minimum

25 Maximum

New York, NY

21 +

Classes start as Intermediate:

• Exploring Scotland

• Discovering Japan

• Whisky Without the E: Differentiating Between Scotch & Japanese

• The Battle of Rye vs. Bourbon

• The Evolution of New York Whiskey

Advanced Classes are also available: 

Where There's Smoke, There's Islay

• What's Your Mash Bill?

• Rare and Old  (Very Limited Availability)

Included in the Class: 

• Up to 4 pours of 2 brands of high-end Whisk(e)y per Guest

• Full Tasting Analysis

• Historical Background

• Light Snacks

• Surprise Gift at the End

Whisk(e)y has always been known as the "water of life".

How did it become so?

The word stems from the Gaelic phrase "uisge beatha" and after the corruption of the English language, the word "whisky" was born. 


For the love of Whisk(e)y and the curiosity you have and the knowledge you seek, please join Courtney McKamey, TCP Owner and Whisk(e)y Aficionado, for various classes on the subject.

Other Spirits Classes are also available! Inquire below.


* Selection of Whisk(e)y or other Spirit is determined by The Cocktail Parlor.

Restrictions apply. 

Availability may vary. 

Price per Guest may be subject to change dependent on the class.

For booking and scheduling, shoot us an email!

Thanks! Message sent.

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