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The Cocktail Parlor
The Cocktail Parlor

Notes of apricot, gentian, peach, and the delightful woodiness of Standard Wormwood Rye Whiskey. 


As it sits, it's reminiscent of the depth of summer cocktail. 


4 oz. votive. Lasts for 700 hours. 


Not fit for consumption. Please indulge responsibly by smell; not by taste.



Essential Oils can be corrosive to certain woods, paints, metals, and other materials. To protect your furniture while using the Reed Diffuser, please place on a protective surface, like a tray (seen in our accessories section). 

To ensure the best scent, untie the twine tie around the reeds, dip, flip, and dip again being cautious of possible drips from the oils. Spread the 6 reeds out between the left and right side of the votive. Sit, breathe, and enjoy!

Sunset Park Reed Diffuser