For the small candle lovers, these sure do shine. 

Poured with natural soy wax, high-end alcohol, and sustainable essential oils. Poured into darling Arcoroc shot glasses. 


Choose a pack of four small tealights!

Choice of:

- 41 Jane Does

- Aviation

- Bobby Burns

- Dominicana

- El Diablo

- Midnight Stinger

- Rob Rose


Choose four individual scents, double up on the same scent, or choose all of the same kind; the choice is yours. 


Once the candle burns through, simply clean to reuse the glass as the darling shot glass it is! 


Shot Glass Tealights, 4-Pack


    We're so sorry if you have to return something! 

    If the product broke on its way to you, let us know, send us a photo, and we'll send you another one. 

    If you really don't like the product, ship it back to us and we'll refund your original purchase.

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