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The Cocktail Parlor
The Cocktail Parlor
Cocktail & Cupcake

Cocktail & Cupcake

Pairing Class


Are you looking for an exciting addition to your next event,

or are you and a group of your friends, or clients, curiously interested in the art of making cocktails and the art of eating cupcakes?

We can certainly help with that!

Our favorite thing to do is to create a cocktail and a cocktail cupcake pairing where you can enjoy the original cocktail right next to its baked good counterpart.


Experience all of the flavors balance with each bite and each sip.

Included in the Class: 

• 1 Cocktail per Guest

• 4-5 Cocktail Cupcakes per Guest

• High-End Spirit Tasting

• Cocktail History Lesson

• Walk-Through Guide of Cocktail Cupcake Flavor Profiles

• Surprise Gift at the End

* Other options for Cocktail Dessert items are also available (Cocktail Cookies, or Cocktail Truffles).

* Option to continue having cocktail service throughout the event:

With what you're looking for in mind and for how many guests, a serving size is created for each guest and an accurate quote can be given. 



Per Guest

Available On Demand


2h 30m

10 Minimum

25 Maximum

New York, NY

21 +

For booking and scheduling, shoot us an email!

Thanks! Message sent.

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