Boozy Baking Class 

At The Cocktail Parlor we take so much pride in our baked goods that we want to share them with you in every capacity!

Boozy Baking Classes are a great way to show your clients, your team, or your guests a delightful new way to enjoy our baked goods.

Learn the process of our baking techniques, from making boozy buttercream frosting and garnishing Cocktail Cupcakes, to making (and eating) boozy cookie dough. 

Included in the Class: 

• 4-10 Cocktail Cupcakes per Guest

• Boozy Cookie Dough Tasting

• High-End Spirit Tasting

• Cupcake Garnishing Technique Lesson (Interactive)

• Walk-Through Guide of Cocktail Cupcake Flavor Profiles

• Surprise Gift at the End



Per Guest

Available On Demand

2h 30m

10 Minimum

25 Maximum

New York, NY

21 +

For booking and scheduling, shoot us an email!

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