Cocktails, Banks Rum

We accept cash and all credit cards. 


Every order is personalized as we want it to be just right for you. Send us an email in regards to your upcoming event, party, or loungey night in with your s.o. and we'll discuss the whole affair.

From which treats to choose, to how many to order and what the pricing will be, even to top picks trending on Netflix, we've got your back.




Not into emails? Give us a ring! 


(347) 988-9804 [Leave a voicemail like it's 1994]



Not into emails or phones?

DM us on one of our social media platforms!








Not into modern technology? We feel you.

One day we'll have a retail location.

If you or someone you know is interested in investing in a boutique cocktail inspired brand and being a big part in the opening of a retail location, please email us at cheers@thecocktailparlor.com

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Email us here!

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We ship exclusively with FedEx. 


Until we have a retail location, we don't have the ability to offer free shipping outside of New York City. 

Because we're shipping delicate items, we take the necessary packaging precautions to make sure the baked goods arrive to you safely. That being said, we are only able to ship Cocktail Cookies and Cocktail Truffles safely at this time.

FedEx pricing depends on your location, but can range between $15-$150 per package.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 
We dream to be easily available nationwide one day. 

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